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– STARTBOARD Incubation Program

You may doubt yourself or feel disqualified, incapable to be an entrepreneur. However, STARTBOARD will be here to doubt your doubt and have a kick-start to be a dream-maker and start your own business. Surely, it would not be an easy choice; however, do not live with regret and always have a thought cross your mind “what if I …”. We know some people failed, but most people even do not give it a shot. Those experiences are pumping you up to shape you to be the true entrepreneur.

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About Southern Stars

STARTBOARD incubation program is a complimentary service developed to serve those budding entrepreneurs who would like to enter the ASEAN markets or startups in ASEAN to start a journey in Taiwan and even step into the great Chinese markets.

This three-month program will equip you with most critically entrepreneurial skills, including but not limited to the entrepreneur visa, company registration, finance, startup law, ASEAN markets, investment, and demo day.

Does it resonate deep in your soul and want to see yourself as an entrepreneur in the coming year? 

No matter what stage you are or the idea you have, STARTBOARD wants you to START and get on BOARD. 

The latest Information

STARTBOARD Singapore Theme Night-Global News

2019 Singapore Theme Night has come to an end successfully. We sincerely appreciate our honorable speakers Raymond Yu, Bao-Chun Wu, Ivy Hsieh, Shih-En Chou, and Eugene Chen. The talks were truly inspirational and informative, and participants had many good questions during the Q&A session to discuss landing the business in Singapore.

2019 STARTBOARD in Meet Taipei

Congratulation! Our members TUTEEMI & Letron樂點 got very good results at Meet Taipei !

During this Meet Taipei, we had a chance to talk with lots of stratups and found that many startups are paying more and more attention to digital technology. If you are curious about why startups really focused on the integration platform of O2O services and what impact does digital technology have on the Southeast Asian market? Go check out the article which we edited.


STARTBOARD team is honored to have the opportunity to visit the Presidential Office’s New Southbound Policy Office on May 3rd with Mr. 俞伯璋 (Raymond Yu), the attorney-in charge presiding over the New Southbound business of the Taipei Bar Association!

During the meeting, STARTBOARD team exchanged some solid progress that we’d gradually made with Deputy Executive Secretary Luo and Secretary Lin; likewise, they kept coming up with insightful methods on how to better assist global entrepreneurs in Taiwan!

Life Change Point

Online application: Feb 27 to March 20, 2020

Qualification Interview: March 23, 2020

The program will take place from April to July 2020, including seven courses and two workshops. 

Demo Day will be held in late July.

 The result of the first round will be announced on this website on 3/21. The confirmation email will be sent to the selected teams which pass the first round.

Additional information



  1. The team or individual must have at last one member (intern) with the citizenship of any ASEAN country or India before entering the program or during the program. (We do provide the ASEAN talent pool to matchmaking as an international team.)
  2. It is not limited to a company; we welcome individual applicants or pre-restarted company.
  3. No specific industry required
  4. The team or individual must have the feasibility to start the business in Taiwan.



  1. The team or individual must have at last one member (intern) with the citizenship of any ASEAN country or India before entering the program or during the program. (We do provide the ASEAN talent pool to matchmaking as an international team.)
  2. Taiwanese startups or individual who has the willingness to develop the business in the ASEAN-Indian markets.
  3. No specific industry required


Application processes

Online Registration: click the red button ” SIGN UP NOW” and complete the online application form

Business Plan Stage: qualified teams or individuals must provide the business plan including the required documents listed below

  1. Basic info
  2. Working experience and professional background
  3. Business model: product/service introduction, market analyses, product/ market fit reports, additional info (e.g. government approvals, competition rewards, patents, and notable achievements)

Template :

First Round Announcement: the list of selected teams or individuals will be announced on the official website on March 21, 2020.

Pitch Stage: the selected teams and individuals need to prepare a pitch deck and present on March 23, 2020, at Startup Terrace or Social Innovation Lab (the venue will be confirmed in the announcement email).

Result Announcement: the teams and individuals who passed the pitch stage will be enlisted in the 2020 STARTBOARD incubation program and has the right to use the batch member privileges and are bond by the membership obligations as well. STARTBOARD will inform further program schedule and application results on March 25, 2020.


Business Plan Evaluation

  • Business Feasibility 25%
  • Business Ideas and Opportunities 25%
  • Product/Service Model 25%
  • Business Plan Integrality 20%
  • Others (patents, awards, etc.) 5%

What you can get

1st Prize: 50,000 TWD, Certificate, oversea business tour
2nd Prize: 30,000 TWD, Certificate
3rd Prize: 20,000 TWD, Certificate
As long as you pass the interview and become our Batch member, and take the course and participate in the Demo Day in accordance with the regulations, all of the team members will be awarded a certificate of training.

  1. Seven courses of entrepreneurial lessons including government resources, pitch deck preparation, startup finance and so forth.
  2. Complimentarily consulting hours of financial and legal issue
  3. Free government subsidies and resources consulting services
  4. The Demo Day will be held for 2020 STARTBOARD incubation program members. The first place of The Demo Day will win the kick-start fund and oversea business tour sponsored by STARTBOARD.
  5. Free company registration consulting services
  6. Entrepreneur Visa endorsement and application support
  7. Special discount of housing for relocated foreign entrepreneurs.
  8. The support of ASEAN-India market researches
  9. Networking platform and international/ local business matchmaking service.
  • This program will take place in both Social Innovation Lab and Startup Terrace. The courses of entrepreneurial lessons and mentors will be assigned and adjusted based on the decision of the STARTBOARD committee. The organizer, STARTBOARD, shall govern and have the right to modify, change, and stop the program.
  • The seven courses of entrepreneurial lessons, two workshops and demo day will be mostly held on weekdays. Please ensure your availability before enrolling in the program. The teams or individuals, who absent three or more times in the courses without any notification to STARTBOARD, will be disenrolled from the program. 

The ASEAN-India Connection



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STARTBOARD is a startup incubator for students and entrepreneurs from ASEAN countries and India starting a business in Taiwan, and for Taiwanese entrepreneurial teams who intend to pursue the ASEAN-Indian market. From entrepreneurial VISA, company establishments, business consultants, professional intelligence and legal advice, STARTBOARD provides a one-stop service to solve the pain points of international startup teams in Taiwan.

Southern Stars Project Office

Contact: Project Manager, Mason Lin

Address: No.99, Sec 3, Ren’ai Rd., Da’an Dist, Taipei City 106, Taiwan(R.O.C) (Social Innovation Lab)